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Sell Gold in NYC

Sell Gold in NYC By Mail

Finding Gold Buyers in NYC

Selling gold shouldn’t be a chore. We make it easy and give you the best cash price.  We are located in the heart of NYC’s diamond district. If you don’t want to make the drive into NYC or you can’t locate a reputable, certified precious metal dealer near you, there’s no need to fret. Mail-in options are available so you can sell and get cash for your gold!

When you sell gold by mail, the same principles apply. The gold buyer in NYC will weigh your gold and then give you a price based on the day’s market value of gold. The price that you will get for you gold is what every buyer should offer you – you can even calculate it at home! Just be sure that you are selling to a reputable and certified dealer!

We buy gold on a daily basis. We do not buy gold only from NYC residents, but from clients all over the country. Because we have been in business for several years, we are the top choice for gold sellers. We buy all kinds of gold bullion and gold jewelry – rings, chains, bracelets, lockets, pendants, necklaces, you name it! With two ways to sell, we make it easy and convenient to sell your gold jewelry!





We Pay the Most Cash for Gold in NYC

How do we pay you cash for gold? The formula is relatively simple – we pay you depending on how pure the gold is! It you can expect 90% - 99% of the market value. Other, less reputable and shady dealers will pay you 75% - 80% of the market value for your jewelry and bullion, and even less for gold rings and bracelets!


Do You Need Cash For Gold?

If you have gold lying around, why not cash in on it? We offer you the top cash price for your gold bullion and jewelry. We are in the heart of New York City and treat our customers with the utmost respect and professionalism in every transaction. Gold is at a record high and continues to climb! There’s no telling how long it will last, so sell as soon as possible to get up to 99% of your gold bullion’s worth! We will purchase your gold jewelry even if it is broken, is a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, a coin, or has diamonds!

The Top Gold Buyers in NYC

Searching for gold buyers locally can be difficult. We make selling gold bullion and jewelry easy and secure. We pay up to 99% for your gold bullion and jewelry – rings, necklaces, coins, bracelets, anything gold, we buy! No matter if your transaction is big or small; we are prepared to pay you the top cash price for your gold jewelry and bullion. If you are searching for gold buyers, search no further than gold buyers in NYC – even if you are not local! We allow you to mail in your gold jewelry and get the top cash price without leaving home!


Do you have unwanted inheritance, unworn jewelries or gifts you don`t need? Sell your unwanted Gold– Get cash now!

Why allow old broken gold jewelry and unwanted jewelry to lay around in your jewelry box when you can trade it in for cash?

For the past 20 years Toppriceintown.com has been in the gold buying and jewelry buying business and with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. We remain an experienced source for converting gold into cash.It is the perfect time to sell your old and unwanted watches, rings, diamonds and other fine jewelry. At Toppriceintown.com, our professional staff has extensive experience in the gold industry. We are trained to provide a careful inspection of your valuables. Selling your old jewelry and gold to Toppriceintown.com is a safer and more reliable alternative then selling to a pawn shop. To better understand what items we buy, please visit our What We Buy page.

The Gold Jewelry Buying Program is where customers receive instant cash for items they wish to sell. This program is specifically designed for those who wish to rid themselves of unwanted, outdated, or unnecessary gold or jewelry items.

Most people maintain a collection of jewelry that were gifts, are broken, or simply don’t work for them anymore and they don’t know what to do with them. We assist those people in taking advantage of today’s high selling and trading prices of gold and other precious metals for the purpose of turning it into something our clients can actually use – quick cash.

To better understand what items we buy, please visit our What We Buy page.